Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Angel White

MUTTUS Portable Supersonic™️ Electric Toothbrush for Adults


Best Rechargeable Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush for Oral Care

Dentist-Inspired Dynamic Cleaning Adult Designed Sonic Electric Toothbrushes!

The MUTTUS portable Ultrasonic™️ Electric Toothbrush is a Dentist-Inspired Dynamic Cleaning Performance Intuitive Designed Electric Toothbrush Helping You to Brush Your Teeth Correctly for Adults.

Which consist of 1 Adult Designed Ultrasonic™️ Portable Electric Toothbrush, 6 3D DuPont Replacement Brush Head, 1 Built-in 2 Minutes Timer with 30 Intervals, USB Wireless Charging, a 700mAh Li-ion 1 Month Length per Charging Battery, Delivering up to 38000 Strokes Per Minute, IPX7 Waterproof Performance, and 5 Cleaning Mode with 3 Vibration Optional Speed.


- For a Deep and Thorough Clean
- Flexible in-depth, Clean hidden plaque
- 360 Degrees Wrapped Teeth
- Blue Realistic Bristles, Reminder change Bristle in time.
- Stylish non-slip Handle Design & Whole-body Waterproof
- Preventing Stain on Teeth reducing Inflammation


- 700mAh Li-ion Battery Delivering up to 38000 Stroke/Min
- 3 Precise Speed Settings & 5 Focused Whitening Modes
- Ultrasonic™ Technology & IPX7 Waterproof Technology
- Adult Designed Portable 10-In-1 Pack
- Built-in 2 Minutes Timer & 30s Intervals
- USB Wireless Charging Base
- 3D DuPont Brush Heads with UV Ultraviolet Sterilize Design
- Months of Use Per Charging


- Speed Mode: 3 Precise Speed Setting Up to 38000 Strokes/Min
- 5 Whitening Modes: Deep Clean; Polish; Whitening; Sensitive, and Deep Oral Massage
- Brush Reminder: 2 Minutes Brushing Timer with Switching Brushing Area in Every 30s Intervals.
- Attachment: 6 3D DuPont Brush Head
- Charger: USB Wireless Charging Base
- 1* Electric Toothbrush User Menu
- 1* Electric Toothbrush Travel Box

✔ MUTTUS Sonic Electric Toothbrush Modes:

-Clean:38000 Strokes/ Min
-Polish:31000 Strokes/ Min
-White:28000-38000 Strokes/ Min & Mid Vibration
-Sensitive:28000-38000 Strokes/ Min & Low Vibration
-Oral Massage: 28000-38000 Strokes/ Min & High Vibration

✔ MUTTUS Electric Toothbrush Technology:


Ultrasonic™ Technology: Remove 100% Plaque from along the Gumline IPX7 Waterproof™ technology:Protection from Dust Ingress and Complete Immersion in One Meter of Water for 30 Minutes

3D DuPont Technology: Protective Clean Brush Head & Durable Lifetime

Advanced Bristle Technology: Reminding When to Switch a Bristle

✔ MUTTUS 2 Minutes Whitening Brushing Concept

Before Brushing: Press the button, feel the vibration. Pick a precise high frequency sonic vibration.

0.00s to 30s: Start your care. When bristles meet your teeth, MUTTUS Ultrasonic 38000 sonic brush movement per minute creating caring microbubbles that reach deeper.

30s to 90s: DuPont Brushing Head gently glide along every curve and removing 100% Plaque from the Gumline

90s to 120s:Precise massage on gumline Preventing Gum Diseases

After Brushing: Nice Breath. Congratulations, you have completed 2 minutes of sonic care. Giving a brighter smile with smooth and polished teeth.

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