M30 Massage Gun for Women and Fitness

MUTTUS M30 - Quietest Handheld Percussion Massage Gun




The M30 percussion massage Gun is a premium Quietest hand-held deep tissue muscle massage gun for women and fitness with Unparalleled Treatment Depth.

Which is available with 5 optional speeds, 6 interchangeable Attachment, Up to 7 hours per charge, 12mm amplitudes, 200W Instant Power, 1200-3200 strokes per minute & 3400mAh genuine LG Batteries.


- Instant muscle relief by releasing lactic acid.
- Gentle muscle stretch and improve muscle responsiveness.
- Improve the range of motion quickly.
- Accelerate muscle recovery and stimulate muscle growth.
- Enhance flexibility by relaxing thickened connective tissue.


- Upgraded version for women and fitness in 2021.
- Genuine LG Batteries, 3400mAh, Up to 7 hours per charge.
- 5 Built-in speed settings Calibrated 1200~3200 PPM Range
- Patented QuietGlide™ Technology
- 12mm Amplitude for Reaching 60% Deeper Into Muscle Groups
- Brushless 75N TORQUE, 56W Motor with up to 60 lbs Force.
- US AI chip ensures more accuracy for your therapeutic sessions.
- Ultra-Portable for traveling and weighing only 1.76 lb.
- Carbon fiber + plastic outer case, shatter-resistant.
- Ergonomic and slim design. Easy for full-body massage.


- Speed Mode: 5 speeds, 1200-3200 percussions per minute.
- Battery: Genuine LG Battery Cells 3400mAh, up to 7 hours per charge.
- Amplitude: 12MM.
- Stall Force: Up to 60lbs.
- Attachment: 6 interchangeable heads. 
- Charging time: 2-3 Hours.
- Weight: 1.76lbs/0.8kg.

✔M30 10 In 1 PACKAGE LIST:

- 1* MUTTUS M30 Massage Device 
- 1* Carry Case 
- 6* Massage Attachments
- 1* Quick Power Adaptor
- 1* User Manual

✔Massage Attachments:

- Ball Head: For Large Muscle Groups: Quads, Glutes or Ext-ream Soreness

- Y-Shape Head: For Neck, Spinal, Calves and etc.

- Flat Head: For General Applications, Relax Your Whole Body Muscles

- Bullet Head: Apply to Strike the Deep Tissue Joint Wrist and Ect.

-Semicircle Metal Head: Apply to Strike the Deep Tissue Joint and Wrist for Females

- Flat Metal Head: Relax Your Whole Body Muscles (Female & Skin Sensitive User)






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