Xiaomi SOOCAS X5 Whitening Sonic Electric Toothbrush - BLUE

The SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush has been carefully designed to offer you and your family a new and unique brushing experience, which is safe and effective with Clean, Sensitive, Novice, Polishing brushing modes for various oral care needs.

With its 2 minutes smart timer of 30 seconds interval to reach the proven best brushing timing, it provides ultimate cleaning and whitening effects to your teeth. Highlighted by the USB interface, less than 16 hours charging can be used for minimum 30 days. Comes with 3 brush heads, it is very convenient and healthy for you to replace. Waterproof IPX7 as it, you can use it safely in the bathroom. 

Main Features:
● Whitening electric toothbrush
● Upgrade the magnetic levitation motor to further improve the whitening ability
● Brighter, softer, ready to meet different needs
● Record the number of brushing, and light up to remind the brush to replace
● Detecting the brushing area, incredibly clever
● Earthquake frequency: 37200 times / minute vibration frequency
● Mode: 4 modes each with 3 levels of intensity 
● Suitable voltage: multi-voltage charger
● Charging method: inductive charging
● Battery capacity: 1000mAh
● Charging time: 16 hours, 30 days can be used

With NFC-enabled mobile phone, you can synchronize the number of brush heads to the Soocas APP

NFC chip is unique for intelligent copper-free whitening brush head

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